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The Problem of Evil: Part II – The Purpose of Life

While suffering may not be evil, that does mean it is not serious. Christians should not vindicate God in such a way that we dismiss the true and genuine anguish that people feel when they are going through terrible times. … Continue reading

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Can A Christian Believe In Theistic Evolution And Be Saved?

The belief system of Christianity is based upon facts, not blind faith. The Bible teaches that the earth and everything in it was Created in six days just like our own, and that this Creation week took place just a few … Continue reading

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Why Did God Create Man?

Since God made man, then He did so for a reason. And according to the Bible, God not only crafted humanity with one overarching reason, He has made each one of us as particular and specific individuals with a plan … Continue reading

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Science & Religion

Evolution is not only false, but impossible. It is scientifically unfeasible at every corner. Everything from the beginning of the universe to the beginning of human life cannot be explained by materialistic scientific proposals. All of these have a Divine … Continue reading

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