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He Shall be Called a Nazarene

After Jesus’s birth, Joseph took his wife and newborn son and fled to Egypt because of the threat by Herod. When he died, Joseph and the family returned, but because the new Herod was cruel as well, they settled in … Continue reading

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The Eagle-Eyed Argument

The 16th century theologian St Thomas Aquinas proposed the Cosmological argument for the existence of God. This is a basically an argument based upon cause. Aquinas’s argument had four facets: motion, causation, contingency, and degree. The fundamental argument claims that … Continue reading

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The Passover Problem

 The Passover death of Jesus provides a problem for believers in the Bible, but one that has a satisfactory answer. In crucifixion, the victim’s arms are stretched and tied or nailed to the crossbeam, called the patibulum. This puts enormous … Continue reading

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