Why Did God Create Man?


Since God made man, then He did so for a reason. And according to the Bible, God not only crafted humanity with one overarching reason, He has made each one of us as particular and specific individuals with a plan for each of our lives. If the Bible is right and if God made us, then life has meaning and purpose. Solomon concludes that each one of us is made whole and complete when we fear God and keep His commandments, for this is our entire duty and responsibility before God our Creator (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

First Act of Grace

The question of why God made man and the matter of Redemption are bound together. It begins with the nature of God. God is a loving God (First John 4:8). Heaven is the eternal abode of God, and is the greatest of all possible places simply because it is the real presence of God. It is figurately described in Revelation as a place of no sorrow and death where every tear is wiped away (Revelation 21:4). The reality is much greater than the figurative rendering, which is nothing but God condescending with human language to describe that humans cannot understand because of our physical limitations.

Love by its very nature is generous. Love seeks the benefit and welfare of others, even over our own self. Every good thing we have on earth come to us from a good and giving God (James 1:17). Therefore, God, by His own loving and generous nature wants to give the greatest gift He can, which is to share the greatness of Heaven. But with whom can He share, since He alone is eternal? It must be with a created being or beings.

The angels are created beings, and they do share Heaven with God. But this does not suit the primary intentions of God. Angels spend their entire existence in Heaven with God. They have never been anywhere else, with the exception of visits to earth, but the prime residence of angels is still Heaven (Matthew 18:10). Add to this the purpose of angels is to serve God and to minister to us as a part of that Divine service. Angels, always having been in Heaven, could not deny His existence or greatness since they have seen it since they were created. God wants to share the glory of Heaven as a reward for a creation of His that would choose to love and follow Him.

Man and the World

That is why God made man and why He made this earth exactly as He did. God is not in our immediate presence as He is with the angels. But He did not leave His reality hidden from man. From the beginning of time, this world that God had made has been observed by man, and by this observation conclude that this was all made and could not have just happened. This conclusion is so obvious that those who do not come to this conclusion have no excuse (Romans 1:20). No one can say they had no evidence for the existence of God.

God’s special creation not only explains why we exist and why the world exists, but also why it exists as it does. This world and our lives will all have plenty of good and bad, ups and downs. The blessings should make us want to seek and bless the creator of these blessings. The obstacles and frustration in life should make us not want to live just for this world and this life. It should encourage us to seek and better world and a better life, so that we, like the ancient pilgrims and patriarches, realize that this world is not our home, that we all seek a better and Heavenly country.

So God made this world and put us in the middle of it where His presence it not immediate and undeniable, but He did not set Himself too far away either that no one can know if God exists. He placed Himself at the perfect epistemic distance from man so that He could be found by those who chose to seek for Him with all of their heart. This is the point of Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill. God made this world and made all mankind from one blood and has already determined where each of us will live and how long. He did this so that we might decide to search for God, and we so decide, we can seek Him and find Him because He is not far from anyone one of us, because it is in God that we live, move, and exist (Acts 17:24-28).

A Perfect World

At each stage of Creation, Moses records that God ends His day’s work by declaring that what He had made is good. Once He made man, created in His image and given a soul, He said it is all very good. Man is the highest order of God’s creation. God made everything in the universe for the use and benefit of man, mostly spiritual. Therefore, this world is perfect.

That does not mean it is a realm where nothing bad ever happens. It is perfect for God’s intentions. God made this world as the ideal environment for soul-making. We will be suitably blessed with good and challenged with suffering in our one and only lifetime, which is our sole probationary period where our eternity is determined. The matter comes down to a simple thing: submission. If we truly yield to God and obey from the heart and love Him above all, then we will be redeemed from our sins by the blood of Jesus. So to sum it all, God made man so that He can have His creation that He can redeem from sin by our chose to come to Him. And He redeems us so that He can share the wonders of Heaven with Him, or more to the point, share His company and never-ending fellowship.



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