What’s Wrong With Kids These Days?


The Millennial Generation has been given a new nickname recently – Snowflakes. It comes from a couple of things. These people have been told their whole lives how special they are, like a snowflake. But when you get a bunch of them together, they just make up a pile of snow with no distinction between flakes. Also, these Millennials are triggered quickly and by the slightest provocation into a Meltdown.

Not all people born into the Millennial Generation are Snowflakes, just like not all young people in the 60s were Hippies. I’m not even convinced that a majority are, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the public malcontents get the notoriety while the normal kids go to school and work with no problem.

After Trump was elected was when we saw Meltdowns on a massive scale on college campuses across the country. America has had over two-hundred years of presidential election, and for that time half the country didn’t get what they wanted. But there has never been such a display over an election until now. It has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the Snowflakes.

Caused By Colleges

Universities used to be a place to encounter many different ideas, even those that challenged yours. Now they are the least diverse place in the world – not by sex, religion, or geography, but by thought. Most colleges today (there are a few exceptions, e.g. University of Chicago) are overrun by Existentialism, Postmodernism, and Marxism. These are the chilly clouds where Snowflakes are formed.

Modernism (first half of the 20th century) questioned everything, but still sought for truth. The result was pluralism where no one was wrong. Postmodernism questions everything, but in a different way and for different reasons. It is intentionally not trying to come to any conclusion, and is certainly not after the truth. Everything is central or marginal. Postmodernists want to pull the rug out what is central (agreed upon truths) and replace it with the marginal, only to do the same to this new central thought. The result is no one is right.

When you question everything and get no answers, you replace objective truth with subjective individual opinion, at best. And even though the result of this process is personal convictions, it has led to the greatest demonstration of groupthink in recent history. Modernism may have been pluralistic, but Postmodernism is Nihilistic. It is a search for nothing and finding it in abundance. This leaves people stuck in an existential crisis of pessimism.

Postmodernists are also Marxist. The root of Marxism is personal identity. With the Postmodern rejection of objectivity and reality, all that is left is personal identity. This is where the Meltdowns come from. When you disagree with a Snowflake, to them it’s not just someone thinking differently, but an attack in the most personal way. Snowflakes have tied their whole personality to their subjective thoughts, or stated in their words, how they identify themselves.

To disagree with a Snowflake is to tell them everything about how they see themselves is invalid. That’s why they take it so personally. It is an attack, they are the victim, and you are guilty of hate speech. This is why Snowflakes want to stomp out all dissenting opinions. It is genuinely dangerous to their fragile egos, and this is why they Meltdown when confronted with the other side of things. There is a new thing in our country, childish tantrums as political discourse.

Caused By Parents

Speaking of childish tantrums, it needs to be made clear that all of this was not caused by our college system. Parents are to blame. The destruction of the home is where this all started. The Snowflakes have been playing tantrum politics for years in pitting divorced/daycare parents against each other.

Tantrums only work only on bad parents. You may remember an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” where Opie tries throwing fits to get a raise in his allowance and Andy doesn’t budge. Good for him, but there are plenty of parents on whom this does work. These parents spoil their kids over their own guilt. Either they feel badly because of a divorce, or because tossed their kid into daycare even though the two remain married. By this separation from one or both parents, the child never gets true validation. They look for in their own identity.

The nursery has become nothing but a warehouse for developing children, often raised by persons with different value systems than the parents. The child is never really raised in the real sense of the word. They age, but never mature. Snowflakes act like babies because they were never made to grow up. They were all told how special they are. Every student got a happyface sticker on their homework, and everyone on the team got a participation trophy. This does not prepare anyone for the real word, so these people Meltdown when facing life. They are forced to learn the hard way that you can’t be whatever you want if you want it bad enough.

Cured By Scripture

I don’t want to complain and have no answers. That would make me as bad as the Snowflakes I criticize. There is a cure for the Meltdown syndrome. Speak the truth in love to these people and try to show them that there is objective truth, and this truth is in the gospel. I truly believe that other Millennials who have not been licking the backs of frogs should be the perfect sort to try this explanation. And to insure it doesn’t happen to another generation, parents need to be parents as the Bible says. It starts with being a godly spouse for your partner. And then, parents need to teach the Bible in the home to their children (Dt. 6:4-9; Eph. 6:4; II Tim. 1:5, 3:14-15). This will help ground children who can become well-adjusted and profitable adults.

Many of the Snowflakes in their protests against Trump made references to the novel 1984, implying Trump is a dictator. They should have paid better attention in Literature class, because Orwellian does not refer to any totalitarian government. It specifically is a manipulation of language in order to control thought. Now who is the Orwellian, Trump or the politically correct Snowflakes? Attempts to silence what they call hate speech, along with the creation of new words, such as the many terms to describe the countless possible genders, is the new 2+2=5. The answer to this is not found in basic math as much as it is within the Bible – still the most perfect and most practical book ever.



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