Why I’m Writing This Blog


I have been the Managing Editor for a successful Creative Writing blog for the last few years. It is called A Word Fitly Spoken. I am a writer with now a dozen books published, seven novels, four non-fiction, and a children’s book. But before that, I was a minister for twenty-five years. I preached in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, and New Mexico. But that’s all behind me now as I live as a Creative Writer. My fiction is now my ministry. My novels are lessons without being preachy.

But for all those years before I preached, taught, and wrote exclusively religious material, and that doesn’t go away. I may not be a minister of a congregation, but I can still minister. Just as I do with my books, I hope to do with my new blog, This Is My Father’s World.

I intend for this blog to stay mainly in the world of apologetics, but without being too difficult or overly scholastic. I can’t do that advanced math required for the more fancy sciences, and my vocabulary isn’t interested in being stretch by some of these secular philosophers. My approach to apologetics will tend to be more common sense. I may address things that are scientific and philosophical, but you won’t need an advance degree to understand, just enough sense as God gave the goose who could only walk backward. I look forward to learning with you, exploring with you, growing with you.


About nealabbott

i am a writer who loves baseball and opera
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